Our team at Zsolya Communication is passionate about the stories, the faces and the inspiration behind brands and businesses. We are thrilled to see you and your business show off its driving cause, the innovative solutions and the extraordinary value it may give to the customers.


In order for you to communicate about your business with confidence, being familiar with the latest international trends of social media and online communication is a must. If you are ready to discuss the potential burdens and questions relating to your business in their complexity, our Mentoring Programs are your go-to solutions.


Whether you have just come up with the idea of starting your own small arts and crafts business or you are responsible for the communication of a multinational company operating for decades within the financial services industry, we are ready to provide you with focused attention, up-to-date knowledge and information customized to your brand.


What happens during our Mentoring Programs?

☎️ 15 minute free intro call: we discuss the most important issues you need assistance with and we also figure out whether we would be the most suitable professionals for you

💡 Choosing the suitable Mentoring Program: currently we offer a 3-occasion and a 4+1-occasion Mentoring Program

🧭 Frequent support: 50-minute mentoring occasions take place biweekly online, during which we discuss your business’s current situation, set up various goals for shorter and longer term and monitor your progress

💻 Client-focused follow up: based on our policy, we will keep an eye on your brand’s progress even after completing the Mentoring Program

📍 International trends: we are constantly following international experts and participating at various trainings to be able to deliver the latest social media and online communication trends to our clients


No matter the reasons for choosing our team, we would always provide you with services specified to the needs and challenges of your brand, to help you find the most adequate solutions and potential opportunities.


Should you have any questions or would like to cooperate, please contact us at hello@zsolya.com. We are looking forward to mentoring your business!


source of images: Freepik