What makes a successful mompreneur? How is it possible to build a life one has always dreamed of? Why should people actively participate in their online (and offline) communities?

In order to find out, take a look at the new interview series at Zsolya Communication’s blog, introducing inspiring female entrepreneurs who are worth paying attention to. You may read about their most significant challenges, the way they manage their various roles in life, and their top tips on creating a life worthy of living.

Meet Évi Mocsár, the co-owner of KUBIK Coworking in Budapest, as well as an active member of the Zsolya-community.

I don’t mind late night shifts or working early in the morning. This is my choice. I am able to go for a run at 9 AM in return. – says Évi. It’s impossible not to believe her, as her cheerful and determined voice can’t stop me from smiling.


Written by Orsolya Temesvári.


photo by Sáry Adrienn


What’s your story of becoming an entrepreneur?

I used to work as a marketing expert at a corporate environment, which I was crazy about. I enjoyed working on campaigns and I was grateful for being part of an amazing team. I also had the opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

However, a new package deal arrived to my life: three wonderful little women, and their father, who works even more than me. And our two dogs, of course.

It took me a great amount of time to realize that, even though I could move mountains with my enthusiasm at any company, the balance of our family life is not a good fit with a 9-5 job.

Right now I am a co-owner of KUBIK Coworking in Budapest. It has always been a great challenge for me. I arrived to the team right after COVID-19, in a situation when the company had to re-define itself and (re)start from scratch.

However, I think we’ve gone beyond our wildest dreams.



Please tell me a little about the emotional background of completely changing your lifestyle and attitude to work. How did you feel?

It was a long and a really hard journey. It still is.

It took me a while to get familiar with the role of an entrepreneur and the role of a leader. Responsibility hit hard on me very soon.

I enlisted professional help. I started to work with Mónika Fischer business coach, who I got to know from the community of Zsolya Communication.

The most important issue we started to work on with Mónika was arriving at the owner mindset with respect to my entrepreneurship. In other words, it was really hard for me to look at a project, a company, and a team that I didn’t establish as my own.

Mónika offered the perfect solution: she told me that the only way to look at my business as my own is by making it my own. By making it look like me. By really putting myself into it.



You mentioned that the process of becoming an entrepreneur had a certain self-liberating aspect. Tell me more about your experience.

In order for me to be able to create value as an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a good relationship with myself. This is what self-liberation means to me.

Once we spoke with Mónika about what an ideal day is like for me. At first I didn’t even understand the question, I hardly dared to answer it, I was afraid that I would say something stupid.

Then, during the process, it slowly became clear that it was not at all an unrealistic idea to fit sports, creative pastimes, time with my children, coffee with friends and work into my life. I realized that it is advisable to shape my life in this direction, because if the private side works well, then the professional side will also develop.

Self-identity, self-acceptance. For me, that’s the key.



What was your first success as an entrepreneur at KUBIK? What was your favorite project?

We’ve been hosting an extraordinary amount of events and projects, therefore I’m not able to pick my favorite. Also, I think my journey towards entrepreneurship is more important than the exact projects.

Fortunately, growth has been continuous since I joined the team, but it took me quite a while to believe that this is the result of my energy and work.

Right now I look at it as a beautiful story, that developed organically based on the efforts of our team. I am grateful to be part of an amazing community, including our partners, for example Zsolya Communication



Apart from time and the development of your community, what helped you the most to believe that you were doing great?

Well, first of all the numbers. At the end of the day, those facts decide whether we are successful or not.

In addition, my plans becoming reality was a significant indicator of success. I mentioned earlier that I planned how my ideal life would look like, and I suddenly realized that this has become reality and I am actually living this life. It was a momentum.

Being an entrepreneur provides me with an incredible freedom. I don’t need to worry about school breaks, because I can flexibly adjust my schedule according to the needs of my daughters and my business.

Work-life balance arrived to my life with becoming an entrepreneur.



How do you manage your partnerships and cooperations with other entrepreneurs?

I usually decide intuitively, chemistry means a lot in this respect. When you feel you are on the same page and you can decide on the details of giant project within an hour, because you understand each other clearly. It usually feels like the partnership grows organically instead of forcing ourselves into something.

I learn a lot from the Zsolya Communication team, Orsi, and also the community built around female entrepreneurs. The shared values, the mutual respect, and the support towards each other are really important to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for this community, and for the lessons learned for life.



Can you give an example?

Absolutely! My favorite is “Planning, planning, planning!”

As entrepreneurs, we need to be really cautious with our time, our ideas, and our goals. We need to leave time for ourselves to complete all our tasks and to be able to plan out every detail.

Within the ocean of freedom provided by entrepreneurship, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Otherwise, we would be drowning in our to do list.


photo by Jancsó Gergely


The most important connection between you and Zsolya Communication is online marketing done with awareness. What does this mean to you?

Being aware of my marketing strategy and the tools I use means constant development for me. Also, event marketing and sales marketing play a significant role within our company.

But the most important value is the commitment and the satisfaction of our partners and tenants. If they are satisfied with our services, they will recommend us to others. This is the best marketing tool ever.

In addition, I take an active part in female entrepreneur communities, including the one created by Orsi. I would make participation in these communities mandatory for female entrepreneurs.



Are there days when you just feel like you’re not in the mood for it all?

Of course! I can be an excellent procrastinator, but I also learned a cool method about this from Orsi.

She told me that it is always better to complete the most difficult task first, which I would rather sweep under the carpet, not even think about, because it is too complicated and takes too long to untangle. I try to stick to this method, finishing the difficult tasks first. This also gives a really strong sense of calmness, freedom and momentum.

Also, I regularly remind myself that I live the life I want, regardless of momentary difficulties or unpleasant tasks.

After all, I could not imagine my life without my family or my work.




Is there anything you would like to say to the already active entrepreneurial community or to those who are just starting out?

Either just starting out or being an entrepreneur for years, it’s a game changer to get involved in some kind of female entrepreneurial community to gain inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Also, I have a favorite saying, according to which which enthusiasm dictates the pace and persistence achieves the goal.

I really believe in that we have to work to make our everyday life the way we want it to be. Nothing will fall into our laps, but if we work enthusiastically and persistently, we will always get results.



Thank you for the conversation!



We hope that Évi’s story inspires you to dare to dream, plan and actualize the life you wish to live.


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