Keep abreast of trends and change your online communications in 21 days! Let me show you how!


Every year in August, we organize our biggest online event, the Zsolya Challenge, shaking up Hungarian small business owners and their online presence. 


Hundreds of solopreneurs or online marketers, thousands of comments and activities, dozens of tasks, and lots of outstanding professionals – this is the volume of our unique event in numbers. But believe me, the Zsolya Challenge goes beyond numbers or tasks!

As an online communication specialist as well crisis and change manager, I firmly believe that the key to a successful online presence is thinking in strategy. I’ve heard tons of stories from entrepreneurs who started their businesses, but they still can’t see the results of their activities.

They create posts, blog posts or short videos, but they usually hate it wholeheartedly.

So what is the solution? How can we reach our prospects? First, you have to know your buyer personas. But for real. It’s not enough to guess who they might be; it’s crucial to know their habits, where they are, what kind of content they like or which competitors follow.

If you collect all this information, you will have a much deeper understanding of which online communication tool fits you the most to reach them. Knowing your competitors’ online communication is also fundamental. Not because you want to copy them, but this could be the best way to find great examples to take away.

As soon as you see the big picture, you can combine your marketing mix. This is the right time to think about it, not a minute earlier! So, go through your research. WHERE are your potential clients, WHAT kind of topic do they like, WHOM do they follow, and what kind of POST TYPE do they prefer? Don’t forget to check hashtags, too; they give you a lot of extra information about your intended audience’s preferences.


And last but not least, you have to think about processes as a whole. Customer journey is a typically underestimated part of online marketing. However, this should be one of the most critical elements of your communication.



What is a marketing funnel? An overhyped expression or an effective marketing tool? 

If you don’t see the whole process of where you first reach your audience and how you can turn them into buyers, you definitely will lose at least 70-80% of your potential customers. Creating great posts without any reaction will soon make you very depressed. Nobody wants to work without any results.

And this is normal. So, let me tell you how you can change this method and finally harvest the fruit of your hard work!

It is okay that you can’t think at the beginning of funnels. You are a professional in your field but not a marketer (but that’s why we’ve come into the picture! 😉 ). Just sit down and open a new document. Now start to draw up the process where your audience can first see, read, or meet you. This part is the top of the funnel (TOFU), where you don’t want to sell them anything (of course, you want, but you have to be slightly more patient). At this point, your task is to help them realize they have a need or desire (and your product or service will be the solution to their problems).


Please don’t start to tell them all the advantages of your product or service at this stage because you will jeopardize your acquisition.

In the middle of the funnel (MOFU), they already know they have an issue to solve. They can’t live anymore without your handmade bag, or they need to improve their language knowledge with your online English course, etc.

So NOW, this is the perfect moment to show them what you have. Let them know you can end their suffering. And at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) when they make their decision. It means they’ve collected all information about the solutions to their problem, and now you have the chance to sell your product already. Here you can list all of the pros and cons of why your bag, course, or window cleaner is the best in the world and don’t forget to show them what they will lose if they choose somebody else.

Okay, now you understand why you must learn everything about your buyer personas, marketing mix and funnels, but let’s turn back to the original question!


How can a challenge (not a challenge, but OUR challenge) help you to increase your brand awareness, engagement or conversion? 


During these 21 days, we will go through market research through the post-creating to the client service. And here comes the best part: in 2023, what else could be the main topic in our challenge? Of course, the AI.

You will learn EVERYTHING you must know about artificial intelligence: how to use it for copywriting, “photo shooting”, improve your customer’s satisfaction, etc. We’ve invited the best AI experts from Hungary, who will share with us their secret weapons! Don’t forget to join our program: you can find further details on the link below.

Everything what you have to know about Zsolya Challenge

See you soon, Orsi