A few days have already passed since the B2W® Marketing Festival 2022, but the honor and the excitement have left our team speechless. We are proudly announcing that Zsolya Communication won the prestigious Communication Award of B2W® Marketing Festival in 2022.

B2W® (Business To Women) is the most influential and recognized premium community within the Hungarian market, supporting businesses that provide services specifically to women and therefore need to shape their marketing strategies accordingly. This exclusive community focuses on growth, digital innovation and sharing the knowledge and experience of exemplary professionals who shape the future.


Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 1 személy és napszemüveg


Each year Hungary’s most skilled marketing experts nominate various professionals who communicate and market directly to women to the B2W® Communication Awards. This award is the highest recognition of the Hungarian marketing industry, focusing on the top experts in the country.

Winning this award is an extraordinary opportunity for our entire team and has given us a great boost to continue working at the highest quality. We are looking forward to cooperating with other experts within the B2W® community.

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 5 ember, álló emberek és , szöveg, amely így szól: „zsolva ÉRTÉK KÖZÖ ONLIN TAN SOCIAL EGYE”

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 4 ember és álló emberek

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 5 ember, álló emberek és belső tér

Lehet, hogy egy kép erről: 5 ember, ülő emberek, álló emberek és belső tér

Pictures by Anna Honfi