The sense of community is not only a basic human need but also a great tool to strengthen and grow your business. According to a recent study, people with a strong sense of community are more likely to become the strongest supporters and the most loyal customers of your company.


We have been consciously building a professional community around Zsolya Communication since 2018, in order to share our experience and knowledge, create opportunities and grow our businesses. Read on to find out more about the importance of brand communities and get some insights on starting one.


Building long-term loyalty

The most important reason behind building communities is to cultivate a loyal customer base.


Within a strong and loyal community, people will be able to connect a face and a voice to your brand. Also, they are provided with a direct and purposeful communication platform, creating space for customers, business partners or any other stakeholders to ask for help or share feedback. As a result, your community members will start to feel recognized and important. Trust and loyalty will grow from there.

Reaching a wider market through cooperation

It’s crucial to emphasize that brand communities are not only for a single brand and its customers but are also open to peer entrepreneurs. Our main goal at Zsolya Communication regarding our community is to create an inspiring and supporting environment within which the community members connect with our team and with each other.


What is the reason behind all this? Giving people a place to meet like-minded peers and to further develop their knowledge will automatically create opportunities. Community members will be encouraged to engage in various projects with other entrepreneurs. This type of collaboration provides them with the opportunity to showcase their expertise to a broader audience and to reach new customers. This leads to growth in sales and conversion.


Providing space for growth

When you are running your own business it’s usually a challenge to get through the entrepreneurial loneliness. Being solely responsible for the quality of your products or services, the administration and financial obligations within your company may leave you at your wit’s end.


In order to prevent such loneliness and frustration, our team frequently organizes various online and offline events, such as Zsolya Entrepreneurial Brunch, the annual Zsolya Video Challenge or the Zsolya Mastermind Days. During these activities, our community members can connect with each other and share the current issues regarding their business. In addition, such events provide our community with a great opportunity to learn from the success stories or challenges of other entrepreneurs.


We are strongly committed to creating a space where everyone is welcome to share ideas or calls for cooperation. We also encourage practical discussions and knowledge sharing regarding any area of being an entrepreneur, such as marketing issues, legal or financial questions, or go-to solutions for the lack of creativity. All this is possible within the Zsolya PRO Facebook group, the exclusive community for small business owners.


Brand communities create a strong sense of belonging. They help members to build trust and loyalty and encourage innovation. They are also an excellent source of fresh insights regarding your business and entrepreneurial mindset. We believe that every second of the work put into the creation of a brand community pays off in many ways – don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.


Should you have any questions on the ideas detailed above or need assistance in boosting your own brand’s community, reach out to us at or visit our website for further information. We are looking forward to participating in your own community!


(Cover: Nagy Helga Petra)