Communicating online is not difficult. But doing so consciously, consistently and in line with your brand might be challenging – especially without proper guidelines.


In the article below, we summarized the most important information about the digital communication strategy, its essential elements and how it may assist your business.


Our team at Zsolya Communication does not believe in aimless, back-and-forth communication. Why? Because online communication without awareness is like wandering on unknown streets without a map: it is possible that sooner or later you will find what you are looking for, but you will save yourself time (and resources) if you walk around consciously within the online space.


What is a digital communication strategy?

A digital or online communication strategy is the basis of successful and effective marketing. It’s a communication plan based on your business’s goals, its buyer persona, its USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) and other branding elements.


Using this strategy, you will get a clear picture of the methods, tools and social media platforms that might be the best for your business. Also, you may find out where to reach your future customers and how you may address them effectively.


The 5 essential elements of a digital communication strategy

Know your market

In order to communicate effectively and to reach your potential customers, it’s important to be aware of your industry’s specific trends and challenges. Also, you must be able to place yourself and your competitors properly within the online communication space.


Define your USP (Unique Selling Point/Proposition)

How is your product different from your competitors’? If you are not aware how your products or services differ from others, how can you expect your customers to be so? It’s not enough to be the best on the market, you have to convince your audience as well.


Know your target group

Unless you’re selling liquid hand sanitizer during a worldwide pandemic, it’s impossible for you to have everybody in your target group. When you try to sell your products or services to everybody, including the people who do not need them, expect to have a great amount of unnecessary expenses until reaching your actual customers.


Knowing your target group does not only save you money, time and resources, it also determines the style, tone and ideal communication platform.


Use the right channels

Do you know where and how you can reach your target group? Are they present on offline channels or online platforms? Are they most likely to follow you on Instagram or read your weekly newsletter?


Using the appropriate communication channels is essential to reach your targeted audience, have more customers and grow your revenue.


Be aware of your brand’s appearance

In the 2020s it’s essential for your business to have a unique and demanding appearance. We recommend you to communicate your brand in a unified way, as well as to have your content, tone and design in accordance with the most important message of your brand.


Looking at the five essential, but not only elements of a successful online communication strategy, you may realize that creating one should not be a scary thing, but rather an investment. It saves you time and money and supports you once in need of any guidance within the constantly changing world of digital communication.


Please don’t get us wrong, creating an online communication strategy is not a task you should do on your own and it’s not only a privilege of multinational companies. Our team of experts works with you to define your most important business goals, your target audience and to come up with the most appropriate and suitable tools for your business. This way you will be able to make sure that your online presence conveys the message of your brand in the appropriate format and style, using the platforms relevant to your potential customers.


A well-structured digital communication strategy is it essential for any business looking for growth and an increase in revenue. Our team has significant experience in working with multinational companies and small family businesses, thus, we have the necessary resources to you assist your business at any time.


Should your business be in need of a more conscious way of communicating online, reach out to us via email at We are looking forward to hearing your story and to assisting you in making your dreams a fact.


source of images: Freepik