In 2022 societal impact is not an option anymore. It is a must.


In times of uncertainty, people are not solely working for profit and for their own success. The most important question to think about as an entrepreneur is not increasing revenue alone, but doing something for others and reach bigger results together.

Why is the nonprofit sector so important?


The organizations operating within the nonprofit sector carry out extraordinary activities, taking on an even more important role during times of recession. These activities may perfectly be combined with the professional business of smaller or bigger firms, as nonprofits usually implement certain gap-filling initiatives specifically within the following areas:


  • special healthcare support;
  • mental health services;
  • education;
  • cultural development (music, arts);
  • support of underprivileged people etc.


These organizations have unique, authentic and experience-based knowledge, and their team members often work guided by their own personal stories. They are generally flexible and can easily adapt to new situations and the needs of their partners.


Civil and nonprofit organizations usually work with volunteers, which means that the work is not done for the money at the first place. Volunteering is usually driven by a strong will to create value and to make the world a better place. Also, volunteers have a fresh and flexible approach towards the social issues they face and are able to come up with effective  solutions.


It should also be emphasized that nonprofit and civil organizations build communities that are essential tools for humans and for companies or small businesses to survive any type of recession. The inspiration shared within these communities should be used, valued and supported consciously.

How to support the nonprofit sector?


We believe that sharing our knowledge is essential and has the greatest value. This is even more important in recession.


Our team at Zsolya Communication is a network of location independent professionals. Our team members come from different backgrounds and possess a great variety of expertise. Whenever anyone in our network is in need for information, it’s the first thing that we offer any piece of advice or specific knowledge available to us.


However, exchanging information is not only a must within our team, but we share as much of our knowledge as possible with people and businesses outside of our community. This is one of our multiple superpowers.


Please don’t get us wrong. The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn currently surrounding us have taken its toll on our business. We also need to be flexible, adjust our strategies or cut back on certain expenses if necessary. Despite all this, we have been carrying out pro bono projects with nonprofit organizations for years. We assist them with copywriting, PPC support, social media management, strategic planning or any services relating to online communication and marketing.


We have been working together with the following organizations:


  • Sonus Foundation, a cultural nonprofit, supporting classical musicians;
  • OncoVR, a foundation supporting the healing of children with cancer by the power of virtual reality;
  • Appy, an incubator for nonprofit organizations that are working specifically with children around the country;
  • Szívemben született Afrika, an organization providing humanitarian care in Uganda and Kenya.


It’s important to note that the support provided to nonprofit organizations does not necessarily be financial. Please take this article as a gentle reminder that, even during the hardest times, we possess experience, time, knowledge or any other resource with extraordinary value that we are able to offer. We trust that the examples mentioned above will encourage you to do so.


We believe that the supported organizations may help many people to survive the current downturn and create a future worth looking forward to. If you have any questions or need advice, reach out to us at


Sources of images: Freepik